We're making sustainability a priority in our operations.

Continue reading to find out how we're making a difference.

How we process orders:

• Our warehouse in the UK is 100% powered by renewable energy on a solar farm, saving tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and significantly reducing our carbon footprint. 

• Instead of using paper, our staff only use digital screens to pick and pack the products for orders - making this a green & paperless process.

How we ship orders:

• Our ethos for packaging shipments is simple; not wasteful. We don’t send unnecessary extravagant packaging that may look pretty but inevitably will harm the planet. Plus, we don’t waste paper for receipts or invoices - we send them digitally. 

• We ship our orders in 100% recyclable, plastic-free and carbon-neutral packaging.

• Orders are sent via the UK’s largest electric-driving delivery fleet - reducing the use of harmful pollutants & emissions.

Other bits we do:

We’re always looking for new ways to be more environmentally-conscious. From our staff participating in tree-planting schemes to having Vegan Wednesdays, we will continue taking steps in a greener direction.