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We exist to help you be smart with your beauty shopping, through tried & tested dupes.

Dupes are affordable alternatives that are very similar to higher-priced products. Dupeshop is the world's only destination that provides dupes which have been verified by cosmetic experts.

Discover affordable dupes for free by browsing our product comparisons.

Our expert team seek out affordable dupes for popular high-end beauty products, and test how similar they are to each other. When we find a good dupe, we publish our findings to this site so you can discover it for free.

Plus, you can shop the best dupes directly from us.

You can buy our favourite dupes directly from this site. We only sell ethical, cruelty-free dupes with premium quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. We ship worldwide from our UK warehouse and all orders are fully tracked.

We test every dupe product against the luxury version.

All products on Dupeshop have been vetted for their ingredients, performance and quality against expensive luxury products by experts such as cosmetic scientists, professional makeup artists and dermatologists. We only provide you with dupes that are genuinely worth your money.

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